Beware Bandits™ allergy awareness bracelets for kids

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Beware Bandits™ are a bright, fun, medical alert wristband for kids with allergies and other health issues.

Made from latex free and nickle free materials, they have the medical or allergy issue clearly shown on the band, and on the inside further details are available, including emergency contact details, and medical information.

Cartoon characters have been created for each allergy or medical issue, including Wagon W Wheaty for wheat/gluten allergy and celiac disease. Billy the Bee for insect stings, Poker Face Peanut for peanut allergies, Mr Moo for dairy allergy, Powder Puff for asthma, and several more.

They are available to buy in several retailers including: Walmart, Rexall, Target, IDA, and others (see website for full list).

The Beware Bandits™ website also has free downloads for allergy alert badges and allergy awareness cards. Beware Bandits allergy awareness bracelets for kids

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[Editor's note: great wristbands, may even wear one next hospital visit as the nurses still managed to miss a bright red wheat allergy band and tried to feed me a wheat muffin].