Have your say - do you think food allergies should be banned from the Army?

Added on 17 Jul, 2008 . There are .

Personally I think that it's entirely correct to ban people with food allergies from joining up.

In many areas of deployment there simply aren't the medical facilities available, or even appropriate foods for people with potentially life threatening food allergies.

Army catering can't be expected to have foods specifically created that are allergen free. Can you imagine the problems if only pasta arrived to feed hungry troops, and one of them had a wheat allergy? Or peanuts in the ration packs for someone with a peanut allergy?

There is no time in war to cope with anaphylactic shock when people are being killed, and it could potentially put their comrades in arms in danger because they can't do their job if they are having a food reaction.

So although it's a tough rule, and there are many many people with food allergies who would love to serve their country and would do it well, it's about the bigger picture.