The new website

Added on 22 Oct, 2013 . There are .

The new look website has been live now for 22 days. During that time we've seen a big increase in site traffic and people "liking" our recipes, food facts and Facebook posts. So we'd just like to say "thank you" for reassuring us that all the months of hard work putting together the new site have been worth the effort.

But we'd like to hear more from all of you. What would you like? Before we get inundated with "recipes in US measurements" requests, we are slowly converting the recipes. However metric measurements do not easily convert into exact cup sizes, so we have to remake the recipe to ensure that we get accurate cup size measurements, hence some rather irritating quantities such as '1 cup + 2 tbsp'. Sorry, but without reformulating the recipe we can't do anything about that.

If anyone has gone to the trouble of converting any of our recipes to cup size measurements, then we'd be very grateful if you'd share them with us. It will make the process of converting the recipes on the site much quicker... and will reduce the stress that the waistline is taking from remaking all those cakes, cookies and desserts. After all, what's a person to do when faced with a yummy piece of flourless chocolate cake on a plate after the photo session?

You may also have noticed that the new website is now mobile device friendly, so you can more easily browse the pages from your tablet or smartphone. This makes it super easy to go to the supermarket to get ingredients for a recipe. Just open up the recipe page on your phone and you have your shopping list there in front of you, including quantities, because there's nothing more irritating than not buying enough of something. How easy is that?

Yes, we have removed the Directory, but it was becoming very challenging to keep it up-to-date. For example, a restaurant catering exclusively for gluten free dining changes hands and no longer caters exclusively gluten free, but no-one lets us know, so then we're posting out-of-date information. And chasing down all the Directory entries for changes was becoming so arduous we were having trouble keeping on top of it. We will reinstate the Directory once we've resolved this issue.

We hope that you like the new site, it's new look, and our new logo which we absolutely love (our nautilus, yes, we are fans of Jules Verne).

So "thank you" again, we're pleased that the site is providing useful information to the wheat free and celiac communities. Keep on using it, and please share us with all your friends. Everyone can benefit from eating tasty, healthy recipes, whether they're wheat free, wheat intolerant, celiac, or just love good food.