Wheat-free.org advertising

Why advertise with wheat-free.org?

Wheat-free.org is one of the leading wheat free websites on the Internet, and as such is the premier place for companies to introduce and advertise their wheat free products. Wheat-free.org draws more than 74,000 visitors each month. Visitors who return to the site to read the product reviews, recipes, blogs, visit our advertisers and to use many more of our wide range of features.

By advertising on wheat-free.org you can reach thousands of wheat allergy sufferers interested in your product, and that translates to greater sales for you.

Wheat-free.org provides a powerful and credible environment for your advertising message. Wheat allergy sufferers have come to rely on the information on the site and this ensures that your advertising campaign will reach the desirable audience, many of whom are desperate for the products or services that you are offering.

Wheat-free.org traffic/demographics:

We strip the search engine visits from our stats, so any stats on this page are actual site visitors.


  • >74,000 visitors per month

Top 5 countries using wheat-free.org around the world:

  • United States 44%
  • United Kingdom 29%
  • Canada 12%
  • Australia 7%
  • Ireland 2.2%

Wheat-free.org advertising benefits:

  • Click through rates of 1% to 25% depending on the ad and location. Average click though rate of 4% across all content
  • Our site users visit ads on our website because they know that there is a company offering something that they need on the other end of their click
  • We're easy to work with and we want you and your advertising campaign to succeed

So how do you get your advertising on wheat-free.org?

We currently only accept advertising from Google AdWords.

The benefits to you of using Google AdWords are:

  • you can target your advertising to the users who really will be interested in your products or services
  • you can also control your advertising budget by setting a limit on how much you spend, on a daily basis if you wish, and how much you bid for specific keywords
  • Google Adwords gives you complete control over your adverts by allowing you to create and edit your advert when you want, and see it published within minutes.

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