Aduki beans are the new black

Added on 27 Aug, 2004 . There are .

Aduki beans appear to be the latest diet phenomenon and it's all thanks to Dr Gillian McKeith and her book You Are What You Eat . These small unprepossessing beans have become subject to what has previously been referred to as the 'Delia' phenomenon, where items recommended by TV celebrities are stripped from the shelves quicker than the suppliers can restock them.

Aduki beans, also known as Red Dragon beans are highly prized by the Chinese for their goodness, and now it seems are highly valued in the UK for their alleged weight loss properties. We've been around a few supermarkets checking out supplies and we can honestly report that we have yet to see an Aduki bean on the shelves. There were reports of a stock in a Suffolk healthfood store but this is as yet unconfirmed.

If you'd like to try the beans in a nutritious meal, then try our Red Dragon pie which we first posted on this website four years ago when the Aduki bean was a mere pulse, a pulse that has now catapaulted into nutrition stardom.