Quantity control needs repairing

Added on 27 Jul, 2011 . There are .

Although I try to steer away from too many sweet things I do find that granola bars are a useful "get you out of hunger" standby, especially if you're out and about and there's no wheat free or gluten free foods available.

Anyway I got really keen on the JK Gourmet gluten free granola bars, my favourite being the Nuts & Cranberries. At $2.99 each they are a little steep in price, but very tasty.

Over the months I noticed that the bars were decreasing in size on a regular basis. The packaging stayed the same size so it was very obvious that since launch they were gradually reducing the quantity in the packaging, yet keeping the price the same.

This month hit a low point, the bar was tiny inside the box. And this wasn't just the one bar, it was prevalent across the entire half dozen I bought at the same time, including different flavours.

See for yourself, do you think that this is value for money? Considering they almost filled the box when I first started eating them. In these days of saving every penny, extreme couponing, maximising discounts etc, it's disappointing to see this profit maximising ploy being used.
Manufacturers, please don't take us all for idiots, and JK Gourmet, we love your bars, just make them bigger again.