All good things come to an end at the GF Patisserie

Added on 29 Jun, 2011 . There are .

If you read my previous blog on the GF Patisserie then you'll know how impressed I was with their great bread. Really good tasting bread that didn't crumble or need toasting.

An impromptu visit to Calgary saw me heading home via Cochrane today to pick up a supply of their yummy gluten free bread and burger buns.

I got to the GF Patisserie and it was shut! But it's Wednesday, they can't be shut. Anyway my next thought was to look at their website for details on my smartphone. The next frustration being that their website is only in Flash, Apple doesn't do Flash and I have an iPhone. It would be sensible for any Flash website owner to also have an html version of their website as an automatic alternative for all those Apple users that can't view Flash content.

Ah ha! I thought, I'll check out their Facebook page. And lo and behold the owners of GF Patisserie sold the business and left the previous Saturday. Okay so I'm not a prolific Facebook user either.

The new owners will only be opening on Saturdays & Sundays in Cochrane until they relocate the bakery into Calgary in August. While this is good for celiac Calgarians it's not so good for those of us who live out West, as the new location is off 17th Ave SW, quite a hike into the city.

The new owners are Milk Tiger Lounge in Calgary, they already offer gluten free food in their bar, though somewhat limited, but hopefully Big Star Bake House (as the bakery will now be called) will carry on the good tasting gluten free bread tradition.

Watch this space for an update when they open in their new location.