Cadbury's I hate you

Added on 08 Apr, 2009 . There are .

Having allowed the wheat blog to languish for way too long something so heinous has persuaded me that it's time to restart blogging the groans, moans and hassles of wheat free life.

And what crime against humanity I hear you thinking has prompted this? Well Cadbury's Creme Eggs are no longer wheat free. Check out the packaging, it clearly says "glucose (from wheat)".

Yet go to the Cadbury's website and the website states that Cadbury's Creme Eggs are "Gluten Absent (suitable for coeliacs)" and "Wheat Absent", see screenshot below from the Creme Eggs nutrition info on the Cadbury website.

Errrrrr, so if the glucose is from wheat, then what makes it gluten & wheat absent? And why after all these years have they now sourced crap quality wheat based glucose. Perhaps China is now making the Creme Eggs? Oh no, that's not possible there's no melamine listed...