Calgary's only gluten free restaurant for sale

Added on 11 Jun, 2009 . There are .

Many of you have probably read my blog on just how great Calgary's only gluten free restaurant, A Tasty Menu, is (read it again). So we were sad to find out recently that it's for sale due to family circumstances.

It's been a rare treat for local Albertans with wheat allergy or intolerance, or coeliac disease, to be able to go into a restaurant and choose absolutely anything from the menu, safe in the knowledge that every ingredient is wheat allergy/coeliac friendly.

Heather, the owner, has done an awesome job. Her cheese buns are "to live for", demand outstrips supply with people finally finding a great tasting bun for pack-ups, burgers etc. They really look like burger buns and not something resembling a flattened muffin, yup those types are on sale in Calgary too, though definitely not at A Tasty Menu.

People will travel a long way to eat at A Tasty Menu. We use every opportunity we can to call in for a meal, although as it's 1¾ hours from home we usually don't get there more than once every 3-4 weeks. While we were there last Saturday a family was in the restaurant who lived in Edmonton, we've also been contacted by people who ate there while on vacation from the UK. I don't think they travelled specifically to Canada for the purpose of a gluten free meal, but they did make the most of it while they were in Calgary.

So come on all you coeliacs out there in Alberta, anyone interested in buying and running a 100% gluten free restaurant? With an estimated 1 in 133 people with coeliac disease in North America that makes a lot of potential customers...