Is Guinness safe to drink on a wheat free diet?

This is what the Diageo website says (as of 09/30/2013):

"Our key ingredients - other than inspiration - are roasted, malted barley, hops, yeast and water."

Diageo also provided this information some while ago:
"With the exception of Breo White Beer, none of the products produced by Guinness Ireland Group contain wheat. However all our beers are brewed from malted barley. Barley contains a protein called hordein which is somewhat similar to gluten, the protein in wheat that causes difficulty for quite a few people. While the reaction to barley protein is generally much milder than to wheat gluten, a few people may experience difficulty with barley-based products including beer.
This information is only advisory and we recommend that you speak directly to a qualified medical advisor/dietician if you are concerned about consuming any of our products."

Note: this does not guarantee that it's wheat free in case there is cross-contamination when the barley is milled, and as it is brewed from malted barley it contains gluten which makes it unsuitable for celiac disease sufferers.

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Last updated: 09/30/2013