Who makes wheat free or gluten free beer in Canada?

Although some brewing companies use filtering processes that render gluten undetectable in "low gluten" beer, unless a beer is totally gluten free there is no assurance that it is safe for celiacs (coeliacs) to drink.

Wheat/gluten free beers made in Canada:

  • Les bières de la Nouvelle-France:
    La Messagère - pale ale with a bouquet of honey, and a touch of citrus fruits
    La Messagère Millet - malted millet lager
    La Messagère Red - rice and buckwheat beer with a delicate, woodsy taste

Brewed in Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, Quebec, La Messagère is widely available in Canada, and popular with beer loving sufferers of celiac disease.

  • Glutenberg (Brasseurs Sans Gluten):
    Blonde - dry and citrusy, an easy to drink beer
    American Pale Ale - citrus and caramel notes, coupled with a mild bitter finish
    Red - roasted chestnuts endow this beer with toasted nuts and caramel hints, to give it a unique aromatic personality
    Belgian Double - 6.5% alcohol level and warm and spicy notes

Brewed in Montreal, Québec, this brewery opened in 2011 and has already stormed to gold, silver and bronze awards in the "gluten free beer category" at the 2012 World Beer Cup. Widely available in Quebec it also has importers in several other Provinces.

  • Snowman Brewing Co.:
    No Fool For Trying Honey Lavender IPA - honey lavender India pale ale; notes of bread, honey, lemon, violin and guitar, floral and citrus on the nose
    Pail Ale - pale ale; notes of floral, wood, citrus, and grapefruit
    Top Hat Ale - English style amber ale; notes of fruit, caramel, biscuits, and earth
    Who's That Brown Ale - brown ale; notes of caramel, cocoa, nut, and toffee

Brewed in Richmond Hill, Ontario, this brewery started from two enthusiastic home brewers. Their mission is "To brew great tasting craft gluten free beer that everyone will enjoy!"

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Last updated: 12/17/2014