wheat-free.org testimonials

We are very lucky to have people from all over the world using the website. Here are just a few of their comments which we really appreciate them taking the time to send to us.
"I love this site! Your site is the most informative & helpful site I've been to (& I've been to alot!). Thanks again :)"
Mindy, Canada

"Just have time at the moment for a brief note, but had to write to let you know what an ASTOUNDING success the blueberry pancakes and apricot flapjacks were!
The recipes and your website were requested not only by the one guest who was wheat intolerant, but several others who fell in love with them!...I promise to write again, but could not wait to express my sincerest gratitude for all of the time you took to help me make my guests feel both special and nourished!"

Helene Saxby, Beckwood Pond Vermont Bed and Breakfast Inn, Putney, Vermont, USA
"This site is great! There is so much information for people with gluten issues, but it is nice to find a site geared for wheat allergies!"
Michaela, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
"Hello, Just had to let you know that your website has been such a fantastic help to me and I am so very grateful. Kindest Regards"
Julie Arnold, UK
"I just wanted to say that your site is brilliant. I was told 1 year ago that I had an intolerance to wheat. It has been difficult and at the time there weren't many recipes on the internet that I could find. Once again thank you. You've helped make cooking a joy again!"
Denize W, UK
"I have been looking at your website with great interest and I would like to write an article about you site in one of Hertfordshire's leading local newspapers. I write a web review column for the Comet newspaper and it is very popular with the readers and one had requested I did a review. Many thanks for your time on this and I look forward to your reply. Best Wishes."

-------follow up after article written-------

"On a personal note I would like to congratulate you all on a great site and it was a pleasure to write the article. I hope you get some good feedback once this goes to press. Like I said in my previous email, it was one of my readers that asked me to find a good site for them and I think I succeeded."
Dave Brown, Daves Web Wander, The Comet
"I have recently been diagnosed as being intolerant to wheat and have spent the past week furiously researching what I can and can't include in my diet. I want to thank you for making your website so informative and easy to use. It really has saved me hours of treking round supermarkets and food websites - the Supplies page is fantastic!! Thank you so much for all your help."
Katy Mandley, UK
"Thank you, I am trying to find wheat free diets, foods & tips and your site has helped me so much."
Barbera, South Australia