Does anyone make wheat free or gluten free beer in the UK?

There are several breweries in the UK producing gluten free beer. From lager to IPA, and bitter to ale, there is a wide selection for every taste.

Wheat/gluten free beers produced by UK breweries:

  • Allendale Brew Company Ltd:
    Gluten Free Pale Ale - featuring aromatic American and Australian hops for a bold fruity flavour

  • Green's produce 9 different gluten free beers, lagers and ales:
    Amber - bottle re-fermented amber ale
    Blond - bottle re-fermented Belgian classic style
    Dark ale - bottle re-fermented dark ale
    Discovery - medium bodied amber ale
    Export lager lite - light refreshing lager
    Golden Ale - fermented ale
    India Pale Ale - bottle re-fermented IPA
    Lager dry hopped - bottle re-fermented pale lager
    Premium Pils - classic Belgian pilsner

  • Glebe Farm:
    Night Mission - traditional British Real Ale (formally known as Pathfinder)
    Wellington Bomber - traditional British Porter, dark in colour with roasted malts

  • Hambleton Ales:
    GFA - tawny ale
    GFL - pale lager style beer

  • Hop Back Brewery:
    Crop Circle - clean, flaxen-coloured beer

  • St Peter's Brewery:
    G-Free - pilsner lager style
    Dark G-Free - full bodied beer

  • Wold Top Brewery:
    Scarborough Fair IPA - strong, triple hopped India Pale Ale
    Against The Grain - premium, full flavoured bitter

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Last updated: 01/09/2014