Who makes wheat free or gluten free beer in the US?

Although some brewing companies use filtering processes that render gluten undetectable in "low gluten" beer, unless a beer is totally gluten free there is no assurance that it is safe for celiacs (coeliacs) to drink. Therefore finding certified gluten free beers is important if you are a wheat allergy/intolerance or celiac disease sufferer.

Wheat free & gluten free beers made in the US:

  • Anheuser-Busch:
    Redbridge - lager brewed from sorghum

  • Bard's Tale Beer:
    Dragon's Gold - made from malted sorghum, Bard's Beer was America's first craft-brewed gluten-free beer

  • Burning Brothers Brewing:
    American Pale Ale (APA) - American twist on English bitter—light, fruity crisp taste
    Coffee Ale - coffee mixed with Cascadian hops to make a thick, dark beer
    India Pale Ale (IPA) - medium hoppy flavour with a floral malt backbone, and a trace of citrus
    Pyro APA Infusions - flagship APA flavour-infused—comes in several versions including Lime Shandy, Orange Blossom, Raspberry, Tart Cherry, and Peach

  • Brewery Rickoli (not currently certified gluten free):
    Aldo Red - red ale
    Black Irish Dry Stout - excellent for REAL Black & Tan beers
    Disturbed Reflection Imperial IPA - very PLINY 9.7%
    Elke Brown Ale - American brown ale
    Enormous Richard - double strength cream ale 8.6%
    Hop Session IPA - full hop flavor and body
    Meh! - most excellent cream ale
    Monolith - large, black, formidable 12%
    Old Rickoli Barleywine - strong and barrel aged 11.5%
    Rickoli’s Rye Stout - robust, spicy and roasty
    Riiiiiight? - refreshing summer ale with rye and caraway
    Social Lubricant Scotch Ale - traditional Scotch ale 8.0%
    The Black Pline - imperial black IPA 9.8%
    Thrilla in Vanilla - rye stout with vanilla
    Totally Eye-P-A - flagship IPA
    Freshly brewed craft beer where all the beers not containing wheat are gluten reduced to less than 5ppm using an enzyme process.

  • Dogfish Head Brewery:
    Tweason'ale - seasonal brew made from sorghum, with vibrant strawberry notes and a malty buckwheat honey

  • Epic Brewing Company:
    Glutenator - light bodied beer with golden colour and aromas of hops and sweet potatoes
    Note: they also brew gluten containing beers.

  • Great Frontier Brewing Company:
    Blonde Annie - made from sorghum, Colorado honey, and hops for a ligh-bodied beer
    Giant Forehead IPA - made with a special blend of five different hops for a citrusy hoppy beer
    Silly Ass Amber - gluten reduced beer with light fruitiness
    Note: they also brew gluten containing beers.

  • Greenview Brewing:
    Alt Brew Farmhouse Ale - slightly bitter beer with notes of crisp apple
    Hollywood Nights Blonde IPA - hop heavy with clean herbal flavour with citrus notes

  • Harvester Brewing:
    Dark Ale - Espresso-like roast chestnuts gives a roasty flavour and aroma with notes of chocolate and dark fruits
    IPA No.1 - Piney, citrusy, northwest IPA bitterness, flavour and aroma from hops, roasted chestnuts and certified gluten free oats
    Pale Ale - Chestnuts, sorghum, certified gf oats, sugar and hops give a flavourful ale
    Plus seasonal gluten free ales are available and it has a dedicated gluten free gastro pub.

  • Holidaily Brewing Company:
    Favorite Blonde - Subtle hop with mellow malt flavour
    Other beers - Buckwit Belgian, Sassy Blonde, Riley's Red, Headbanger Brown, Glutopia Saison, Fat Randy's IPA, Darc Marc Black IPA, Day In Day Out Imperial Stout

  • Ipswich Ale Brewery:
    Celia Saison - Brewed from sorghum with Curacao orange peels and Celeia hops to produce a spicy flavour
    Note: they also brew gluten containing beers.

  • Lakefront Brewery:
    New Grist - brewed from sorghum

  • New Planet:
    Amber Ale - lightly toasted caramel notes and subtle citrus hints
    Belgian Ale - bright, crisp and refreshing with subtle spice and honey notes
    Blonde Ale - bright notes of honey and a subtle floral aroma
    Brown Ale - coffee and chocolate flavours, with subtle cinnamon and vanilla notes
    Pale Ale - bold hop character and rich caramel and grapefruit notes with a clean yet distinctly hoppy finish
    Raspberry Ale - balance of subtle fruit flavor and aroma, with a zesty, citrusy finish, brewed with natural raspberry puree and orange peel

  • Omission Beer (initially brewed from gluten containing ingredients):
    Omission IPA - pine, citrus and grapefruit aromas in the spirit of the original IPA shipped to India in the late 1800's
    Omission Lager - brewed in the traditional lager style
    Omission Pale Ale - floral aroma and caramel malt body
    Handcrafted beers from barley, hops, water and yeast, brewed using a proprietary process to remove gluten.
    Note: 11/19/2013 - Has been given the Celiac Sprue Association's Recognition Seal of approval as being risk free for celiacs, after testing well below the new FDA standard for gluten presence of 20 ppm.

  • Ramapo Valley Brewery:
    Honey Beer - made from honey, molasses & hops, this beer is also Kosher certified for Passover

  • Sprecher Brewery:
    Mbege - brewed with sorghum, millet and real bananas
    Shakparo - West African Shakparo-style beer brewed with sorghum and millet

  • Steadfast Beer Co.:
    Sorghum Pale Ale - golden amber colour with floral and citrus aromas, notes of burnt sugar, bread, caramel and molasses

  • Two Brothers Brewing Co.:
    Prairie Path Golden Ale - brewed with malted barley
    Certified as containing less than 5ppm gluten, which is achieved by using an enzyme process

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Last updated: 01/24/2017