Added on 13 Jul, 2005 .
Wheat free and gluten free Tesco white baguette

The wheat free kitchen prepared the baguette as recommended on the packaging, the only method was baking in the oven, as it is not suitable for microwave cooking.

On initial removal from the packaging the baguette appeared to have a dense cakey sort of texture and not the most attractive of aromas.

After baking for the recommended time we removed the baguette from the oven, and again weren't that attracted by the smell.

The first taste test was completely unadulterated by any spreads and was not successful. Not one of our testers complimented the product, with adverse comments about the texture, smell and taste. The texture was likened to that of a Madeira cake.

The baguette was then tried with butter and low fat spread, again the comments were not positive.

Finally the baguette was tried with cheese and jam (separately). We were hoping by now that the tastes of the cheese and jam might mask the baguette taste, however they did not.

The wheat free kitchen had hoped to find a baguette that would provide a really good substitute for the baguettes that we miss on our wheat free diet. However this was a disappointing product.

Finally, we were astounded to see the nutritional value of the baguette, with a whole baguette wading in at a hefty 692 calories, without fillings. For more details see nutritional information below.

Our testing panel is made up of people with wheat allergies and also people who can eat wheat as part of their normal diet.

nutritional information:

Typical values per baguette (250g):
Energy - 692kcal
Protein - 9.75g
Carbohydrate - 129.5g
Carbohydrate (sugars) - 8.5g
Fat - 19.5g
Fat (saturates)- 2.5g
Fat (monounsaturates)- 5.5g
Fat (polyunsaturates) - 10.75g
Fibre - 10.25g
Sodium - 1.0g
Salt - 2.25g

allergy advice:

Wheat free, gluten free, milk free
Suitable for vegetarians
Contains: egg, yeast