Dietary Specials spinach & mushroom lasagne

Added on 01 Nov, 2003 .
Wheat free and gluten free lasagne

The wheat free kitchen carefully followed the cooking instructions for microwave cooking, ensuring that we did not deviate from the instructions provided on the sleeve.

Our initial reaction to opening the packaging was that it was not a very generous portion, filling slightly half of the depth of the tray.

During cooking the smell was very appetizing. On completion of the cooking periods the spinach and mushroom sauce was very runny, and did not pad out the pasta. This meant that all the pasta sheets had sandwiched themselves together in one thick pasta layer.

Pasta was quite tough, and difficult to break up using only a fork, so eating with restricted implements required the use of fingers to pin it down to break a piece of pasta away.

The sauce was rich, but without too much evidence of mushrooms, also could have done with a more generous portion of parmesan cheese on top.

Comment was made that "it smelt like chicken soup".

Overall comment was that it was okay, edible without setting the taste buds on fire. The tester was left feeling disappointed after eating, and still wanting something more.