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KIND products are gluten free and come in two variations of whole nut and fruit bars:

  • KIND Fruit & Nut - winner of Health Magazine's "best snack"
  • KIND PLUS - Nutritionally boosted whole nut and fruit bar with essential vitamins and nutrients including: antioxidants, Omega 3, B complex, calcium and additional protein - winner of Good Housekeeping's "Top 100 Convenience foods"

KIND Fruit & Nut tasty sounding flavours: fruit & nut delight, almond & coconut, nut delight, almond & apricot, almonds & apricots in yogurt, macadamia & apricot, fruits & nuts in yogurt, sesame & peanuts with chocolate, walnut & date.

KIND PLUS tasty sounding flavours: cranberry & almond, almond & cashew, mango macadamia, almond, walnut & macadamia, passion fruit macadamia, strawberry nut delight.

From the website "KIND products are tested for gluten and meet the FDA's proposed requirement of 20ppm (0.002%) of gluten. Their manufacturing plant is dedicated gluten free and has a strict allergen control program."

Note: page updated 29/06/10. Always check manufacturers site for full ingredients list and changes to product nutrition status.